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The East London

Coffee Company

Coffee roasters and coffee equipment distributors.

Serving South Africa.

We are first and foremost, lovers of coffee! Not just the beverage itself, but also of the culture and lifestyle that goes with the sharing of coffee with special friends in special places. Whether it’s your first espresso in the morning enjoyed in the company of your family, or a milder version before sleep, the drinking of coffee is usually accompanied by memorable moments with wonderful people.

How did we get to this point

After struggling to find freshly roasted, premium Arabica coffee in East London some ten years or so ago, our roaster, Alan Hawkins, went the DIY route. This started with a few beans in a gas barbecue and progressed to the purchase of a Genio 6, a six kilogram batch roaster in 2014. “When it comes to coffee, a freshly roasted product will almost always taste better than any other” says Alan.

Demand for our product from family, friends and new customers grew in leaps and bounds. This led to an expansion from our garage and the establishment of our first formal factory. Some six years on, we’re in our fifth expansion and are proud owners of two roasters, the original Genio 6 and our larger Genio 15, a 15  kg batch roaster to compliment it’s smaller brother.

Whilst we have all had extensive industry experience and formal training, we firmly believe that the learning process will never end. Advanced mechatronics and more efficient practices lift the bar and set new challenges on a daily basis. Says Alan Hawkins, our founder, “we do not purport to be experts but we are indeed fortunate to enjoy the guidance and feedback from the many experts whom we have partnered with.

We are a team

Alan and Lynne Hawkins, with son Luke (a mechatronics engineer and a non-executive Director) make up the Directorship. The team would not exist however without the able services of Debbie, our full time administrator as well as Baku and Anele who take care of packing and distribution. We are assisted by Margie (East London area); Jonathan (Port Elizabeth and Garden Route) on the sales side and Darren who runs our workshop and is our technical expert.

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