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The East London

Coffee Company

It is now possible for us to offer our freshly roasted coffees to coffee lovers anywhere in South Africa, After roasting and a short resting period, our superior quality coffees are packed and shipped directly to your door, home of business.

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If, like many of us, coffee is your morning wake-up call or perhaps something to curl your hands around while you sit with a friend and gaze at life, this is a dream come true.

Coffee shops, Hotels and restaurants have traditionally been the purveyors of this beverage in it’s finest form. Well done and thank you to them. The standard of coffee which is now available in South Africa has improved considerably over the years. There is no longer a need to put up with poor coffee. Good coffee is a lifestyle - if you’re taking a break, be it alone or with friends, it’s great to do this in the ambiance of a fine coffee shop. Whether it’s a filter drip or a ‘double-shot’ that you prefer, this is now also available in your own home.

Thanks to the availability of good coffee, online purchasing options and the newest domestic machinery available, this can happen at home, right now! Coffee is presented in many forms, many of which are now available at the touch of a button on your kitchen counter. If you’re a small business, we have the coffee machine to meet your needs.

A small shrub called is Coffea Arabica was discovered a few hundred years ago, this shrub or small tree has transformed many a life. It is the seed (or bean) from the fruit of this tree that has led us all to where we are today. At the East London Coffee Company, we’d love to take your hand and lead you on this journey. The trip starts with 100% coffee, pure and simple. We select from the best there is, from lands far and wide, to give you a pure uncut product. Our coffees are hand-crafted with one of us looking over each and every batch, making sure, testing, tasting, again and again to make sure that the product you get is simply the best. Mass production of commercial coffee and the demands of shareholders have simply made it impossible for the ‘supermarket coffee’ to stay pure and also be price competitive. Good coffee is all about flavour and low prices do not buy beans with a good flavour. Flavour has no compromise. The crop-to-cup process has two weak points, firstly the time lapse between roasting and grinding and secondly, the time lapse between grinding and brewing - we’ll sort these both out for you!

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Freshly roasted coffee beans

The flavour and aroma is at it’s fullest some 24-48 hours after roasting, from then on, the flavour starts deteriorating. The beans will hold their flavour well for another 14 days and are best used within four weeks of the roast date. A little like a freshly roasted loaf of bread, let it stand for a few minutes where after, the sooner it is eaten, the better the bread.

Freshly ground coffee

…is like the slice of bread, once cut, it must be eaten. Freeze it; wrap it; cover it..there is simply little that you can do to keep it as good as the moment you have cut it. The same applies to ground coffee. We recommend that clients grind just before use.

Mass produced coffee

If the coffee producers and a supermarket chain or large buying group are really, really good, they might be able to roast, pack, box and ship to a store near you within two weeks. If they rotate their stock perfectly and have an empty shelf right then, at the exact moment you are standing there to buy,  you might catch that lucky instant and get a pack of 14 day old beans. It is however quite likely that the timing didn’t quite work out and that your bean is already at least three weeks old!

Instant coffee

The rise in the number of coffee shops and the quality offered by them stands as testimony to the demand for good coffee. Yes, instant coffee has it’s place and still (by volume) dominates the South African coffee market. Sales of pure, freshly roasted coffee are however growing by the day.

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