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The East London

Coffee Company

Barista coffee education and coffee appreciation courses

We offer the following training:

Barista 1: Six hours including snack lunch

Intended for junior and “learning” barista’s; anyone wishing to increase their knowledge about this wonderful beverage. Attendees will receive a certificate of attendance.

After attending the course delegates will have a sound knowledge of: The history and origins of coffee; the establishment and economic importance of the industry; different types of beans and what effects their flavour; roast styles and the difference between blends; single origin coffee and speciality coffee.

Delegates will be introduced to the different types of coffee equipment; the important role of the grinder and will witness a coffee roast and learn how to use a traditional coffee machine; filter machines and also automatic machines. The course covers the important role of milk, milk preparation and introduces delegates to milk art. The importance of cleaning and maintaining equipment is handled in some detail. Delegates get to “pull their own shot” and prepare textured or micro-foamed milk.  

Barista 2: Six hours (+) including snack lunch

Attendees will have previously attended Barista 1 and wish to cement their knowledge and experience. Barista 2 is targeted at the professional barista who makes his living (or would like to) as a barista. The course will also suit owners and managers who are committed to serving coffee of a high standard and who would benefit from extensive knowledge of this skill or art. Attendees will undergo a practical and general knowledge exam and will be assessed a certified grade.

The key elements of the course are coffee tasting and assessment and well as best professional barista practice. Delegates will learn to identify certain key taste indicators and to judge different coffees against each other. Correct barista practices are learned and put into practice before being assessed by a judging panel. Attendees will be required to produce the popular coffee brews at acceptable speeds using best industry approved methods with a view to meeting discerning customer expectations.

Coffee appreciation course:

A general course for coffee lovers who are keen to learn a little more but have no need of a professional level certification. No certificates apply.

Let’s have a little fun while we learn more about coffee origins, bean types and best home practice. Delegates will enjoy a tasting and assessment experience and be able to taste at least and assess coffee from four different origins.  

On site training:

On request and should circumstances warrant this, the Cutman & Hawk coffee ream will do on-site training under certain circumstances.

If you are interested in attending one of our courses please drop us a mail and let us know what interests you.

2022 Course Calendar

Barista 1: 15th February balance to be announced.

Barista 2: 15th March 2022 balance to be announced.

Costs & details

The price includes a finger lunch; refreshments; a certificate as applicable. Delegates will receive a printed booklet covering course content as a reference. The cost of coffee used and tasted is included in the pricing.

Barista 1: One delegate R 1250; two delegates or more, less 10%

Barista 2: On the same basis as above, R 1250 with the same 10% discount applying

Both Courses


We are only able to include a maximum of eight attendees per course. We feel that more than this limits the experience as far as practical application is concerned.

Payment is strictly in advance.