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East London

Coffee Company

Despite difficult economic time in SA, the coffee industry is growing…why?

It’s quite simple, more and more people are extending their enjoyment of this wonderful beverage by migrating from the “tear-a-pack instant” to either pods and capsule and finally to the enjoyment of the real thing, freshly roasted coffee.

So you don’t have enough the capital to open a full-on coffee shop?

You will need some start-up capital and some cash to keep you going during the set-up and start-up periods. We have some favourable equipment hire options designed to assist a start-up.

But I don’t know much about coffee?

No problem, it’s not rocket science, we are the experts from green bean selection to retailing, will train you from scratch and ensure that you are ready by the time your doors open.

I don’t have premises, where do I start?

Our formula is not a typical “us and them” franchise where you pay huge sums of money and are left to fend for yourself, we will help you from day 1 onwards. There are sure to be some premises nearby, we will assist you in assessing them and securing a lease.

How it works, in summary:

1. Agree suitable premises, this could be just a mobile events trailer or a small ‘kiosk’ type store in a shopping mall or any high traffic/highly visible location.

2. Together, we will agree a design; and formulate a business plan and complete a feasibility study.

3. While it is somewhat negotiable, the general idea is that we will both invest up-front. The new ‘owner’ will need a minimum of R 60 000 and we will add to this in the form of coffee equipment which could cost anything from R 15-R 60 000; assistance with training; specialised equipment, branding, recipes and menu’s; accessories and stock.

4. The owner will hold the lease and own the business. All profits, after equipment hire fees, will belong to you. Aside from a small up front payment for time; training and set-up, there are no franchise fees or ongoing consultancy fees, this is your business not ours. Even the equipment will become yours after 36 months of operating. The business plan needs to support this as well as show a high probability of a reasonable return on investment for all parties.

You’re new, how do you know this will work?

The benefits of being ‘new’ is that there are no unaffordable franchise fees! We will also be your partner and will be investing more up-front capital than you will, we will help make it work!

Business at EL Coffee Co is growing…why?

It’s quite simple, more and more people are insisting on freshly roasted coffee - it’s simply the best! The proof is in the taste and the growing sales of our product.  

If you’re interested in a second source of income or to put your foot into the world of entrepreneurship the coffee business could be for you.

Open you own coffee shop in South Africa

Contact us for more information

Consider a mobile - events coffee trailer

Mobile coffee vending opportunities

Would you like a second income or to create employment for a family member perhaps? Consider an events trailer designed to sell coffee and sundry related items. Coffee is both popular (and growing daily) and extremely profitable. If you buy the trailer, we will contribute 50% of the signage costs and help equip the trailer with the equipment essential to do business.

Your target market will be weekend events; school derby or sports days; festivals, food fairs and anywhere where people gather. We already in partnership with one very successful mobile operation and will soon be opening our second. We know how to make this work!

Expect to make a gross profit average of R 10000 -R 20000 each weekend. Your set up costs could be recovered within the first few months.

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