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The difference between Filter and Espresso roasts.

Filter: A medium roast (called a City roast) which is ideal for drip-filter coffee systems; plungers an (in general) non-pressurised brewing systems.

Espresso: A darker or “Full City” roast which is ideal for bean-to-cup automatic machines; traditional espresso machines, stove-top machines and other pressurised brewing systems.

Our Cutman & Hawk Signature blends are made from premium, freshly roasted 100% Arabica beans. We select high grown (and therefore more dense and more flavour full) green beans which are imported from East and Central Africa as well as Central and South America.

Artisanal pure coffee at it’s best

Each batch is hand-roasted under the watchful eye of our roasters who is often heard to say … “not a bean goes out of here that I haven’t personally inspected.

The fruit of the coffee tree. .

Our roaster at work!

Right: Green beans being off-loaded

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