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The East London

Coffee Company

The benefits of coffee in the workplace

Let’s first kill a myth - the fact is, coffee is good for you. It is high in natural antioxidants, it boosts metabolism and yes, can be a productivity pick-me-up when the day is getting long. Unlike popular energy drinks which contain chemicals and can have negative side effects with consistent use, medical studies have proven that coffee is good for you in many ways.

Customers expect good coffee

Be this at a B&B. Show-room, Guest House; Hotel or your office, customers now expect good coffee - tear-packet instant and the stale offerings from a supermarket shelf are simply not good enough any more. We offer you a low cost solution

Consider one of these offers

1. Enjoy coffee from a fully automatic bean-to-cup machine (left image) from as little as R 30 per day on our unique rent-to-own offer.

2. Do a full purchase on a Jura Automatic machine, one of the worlds best, and enjoy restaurant quality coffee at home.

3. Filter coffee: Buy a commercial quality drip filter machine for only R 4800 (incl.) and buy your coffee from us.

4. Use our premium coffee in your existing machine. We deliver door-to-door anywhere in South Africa.

Why Cutman & Hawk Coffee?

Coffee is at it’s best in the first 1-4 weeks from roasting. Our process starts with the best, high-grown Arabica beans selected by our roaster before roasting to order. Your premium coffee will reach you on day three! It will be difficult (if not impossible) to find this balance of quality and freshness from your local supermarket! We serve South Africa


Contact us to find out more

The world of coffee has evolved and in South Africa, it’s changing by the day

A few years ago, one impressed customers, staff and visitors by offering good coffee. “Good” ten years ago, was however a known brand of instant coffee. As our roaster Alan Hawkins says, “I choose my business accommodation based on the quality of their coffee.”

Be careful of saving a few cents on the cost of your coffee - you are missing an opportunity to show that quality and service is what your business stands for. Not only to customers but to staff as well, isn’t it time you considered a change? Contact us today for more information about our biz-to-biz rentals, what have you got to lose.

Premium coffee to clients for less than R 6 per cup

Terms and conditions apply; prices are illustrative estimates only and subject to formal quotation