Coffee - the steps

The coffee manufacturing process starts with the selection of good quality, high-grown Arabica beans. This is one of the most  important steps in the process - you simply cannot “roast” a poor bean and turn it into a good one! After farming, washing, drying and packaging, green beans are shipped in 60 kg jute bags from the best coffee growing regions of the world to our East London factory.

At the factory

After selecting the most suitable beans, we roast these in a manner that develops the best bean characteristics using our state-of-the-art Genio 6 and Genio 15 roasters. These are the most technologically advanced roasters in the world and they enable us to develop the raw bean into the most flavourful roasted coffees.

Through continual cupping (tasting) and many hours spent enthusiastically testing different combinations in our laboratory, we identify the strengths and characteristics of each bean type before blending a selection of these together to create our Signature Blend; Roasters Reserve and Kofulat (Spar only) blends. In doing so, our sole objective is to produce well balanced products which meet and exceed the expectation of the most demanding coffee lover.

Cutman & Hawk Signature Blends

The Cutman & Hawk Signature Blend is our best selling range of coffee. Used with enthusiasm in corporate environments; coffee shops; fine restaurants as well as at home and in the retail and hospitality industry. This range is targeted specifically at those coffee lovers who expect something better than the typical big-name commercial coffees on the market. Whether this is at home or while enjoying time at your favourite coffee shop, Cutman & Hawk Signature Blends are sure to meet the standards required by any discerning coffee drinker. We roast our coffees to levels described as a medium (or City, Filter) roast and medium dark (or Full City, Espresso) roast. We blend four different beans in slightly different combinations for each roast type in order to offer clients a perfectly balanced coffee.

Beans falling into the cooling tray

Coffee tasting and blending.

We produce three different ranges.

Cutman & Hawk Signature Blends; Cutman & Hawk Roasters Reserve, and the new Kofulat range which is exclusive to Spar. Add our many single origin offers and we are able to cater for all requirements. Let’s compare these….

And the Cutman & Hawk  Single Origin range

Cutman & Hawk Roasters Reserve

The love of coffee in South Africa is literally growing by the day. At Cutman & Hawk, we are excited to be part of this! The first Roasters Reserve was literally that, a blend that our roaster, Alan, takes home with him! Roasters Reserve is truly an exceptional coffee.

This is therefore our premium range. Who should buy it?

This range is slightly more expensive due to the rarity and high quality beans in the blend. Our roaster has cast price aside and focused entirely on cup quality. If you serve coffee commercially and need to leap a few notches above the level of your opposition, this is for you. More and more of your customers are learning more about, and appreciating. good coffee, you will surely appreciate this coffee!

Roasters Reserve Single Origin Range

This is our speciality and single origin range targeted at individuals who enjoy experimenting with the different regional and even more specific, individual farm (or microlot) flavours. These are usually rare and exceptionally good coffees which come across our path from time to time. Coffees which one would prefer to taste in it’s original form than as part of a blend. Buy online/see below link

Learn about our different coffees

The coffee flavour wheel

Buy online now

We have three coffee offers.


Last but certainly not least, we have recently launched the Kofulat range. This young and vibrant brand is available only at Spar stores and (unlike Roasters Reserve and Cutman and Hawk Signature blend which are both premium products) is positioned right in the mix/in amongst the main-stream big-brands that millions of South Africans know and love.

Why should you buy it?

In the same way that a car manufacturer, like Toyota for example, has a car to suit every requirement, feature, size and of course price, we endeavour to offer a coffee to suite everyone’s budget. While still being a 100% Arabica blend, Kofulat offers coffee lovers amazing value for money. The current recommended-retail price is…wait for it… R 99 for a bulky new 500 g pack size! Whilst equalling the big-brands on quality and flavour Kofulat is around 40% cheaper than it’s comparable opposition!

A word on quality

Whilst we don’t position this as a premium product (as we do with our other brands)  we can certainly claim Kofulat to be a very good coffee, one suitable for every occasion. One that offers excellent value to the budget conscious coffee lover. This comment from our roaster …” I have been using Kofulat in my home for over six weeks, my family has enjoyed every cup … I would not sell an inferior coffee, Kofulat has my own personal stamp of approval.”

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