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Tasting notes

You will receive tasting notes from our roaster with each single origin blend.

Hand - roasted coffee

Each batch of our coffee is roasted under the personal supervision of our coffee roaster. “Each bean is different,” says our roaster “ and needs to be treated differently.

Tell us what brew system you use:

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Why Freshly Roasted Coffee

Coffee is a foodstuff and like any foodstuff, the flavour and quality deteriorates with age. Would you like to buy coffee that has lost say 10% of it’s flavour? As a member, this will never happen to you.

After roasting, we allow our coffee to breath for 24-48 hours after which we pack this in sealed, foil lined bags. Each has it’s own one way valve which stops “new-air” getting to your coffee. The de-gassing process slows immediately but does continue however. Coffee, in our opinion and that of many other experienced tasters, is at it’s best between day 4 and day 28. Provided coffee is stored properly, it holds it’s own for another two months (or so) but the deterioration process never really stops - the fresher the better!

Sign up today and get either your own Cutman & Hawk coffee mug or an empty coffee sack for décor framing with your first shipment.

Eg: Combo 1 - R 199

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Shipped to your door:

250 g Cutman & Hawk Premium Signature Blend

250 g Roasters Reserve Single Origin (premium bean)

250 g Roasters Reserve Single Origin (speciality bean)

Shipped to your door:

250 g Cutman & Hawk Premium Signature Blend

250 g Roasters Reserve Single Origin (speciality bean)

250 g Roasters Reserve Single Origin (speciality bean)

Free tasting notes; monthly newsletter; free gift with your first shipment while stocks last; VAT is included; No compulsory or automatic purchasing; freshly roasted to order.

Cutman & Hawk Signature Blends

Our most popular coffee range. Each bag contains a blend of four premium beans which have been selected by our artisan roaster. Our blends offer a well balanced coffee with good aroma, strong body, excellent taste characteristics and a pleasant lingering after-taste. Used by professional coffee shops and many discerning clients throughout SA.

Select either whole beans or ground; medium or dark roast on the application form and we will roast your coffee to order and send along within a day or two.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Gr 1  One of the worlds finest coffees. Medium roast.    Whole Beans

Roasters Reserve

Our new range of single origin coffee (defined as not blended and from one known area or region) is now available. Expand your knowledge of this wonderful brew and have some fun at the same time. Taste individual (premium quality) beans from Columbia, Guatemala or perhaps a Tanzania AA. Try our speciality range, perhaps a world renowned Yirgacheffe Gr1 from Ethiopia or a Nicaraguan from the Sajonia Estate. Were expecting a naturally processed Harar soon and are quite excited to taste this!

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