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Colombians seem to take an immense pride in their coffee and quite rightfully so. They have been producing coffee of distinction for many years. Coffee is an integral part of Columbian life and employs more people in rural Columbia than any other industry. The Columbian Coffee Growers Association epitomises professionalism in the local industry. The coffee is high grown (SHG) and mostly produced to European Preparation (EP) standards. Soils in the mountainous Andes region are rich volcanic and is usually naturally harvested.  

Unlike in Brazil, and despite the large volumes of coffee produced in Columbia, this is not in massive plantations but rather by thousands of small producers on small or subsistence farms - these small farmers are estimated to number over 600 000. Through the efforts of the coffee growing association, small roasters who produce superior coffee are now being identified in Columbia and many fine examples of speciality coffee can be found by those roasters who are determined to present clients with good coffee.

Excelso (large screen 16) and Supremo (extra large screen 18) are two grading terms for good quality Columbian coffee. Like the AA; AAA AB of African coffees, look for Excelso; Supremo and SHG (strictly high grown); SHB (strictly hard bean) or EP when it come to Columbian coffee. There are relatively few defects in these two grades of coffee and they are both highly recommended by the EL Coffee team. Columbian coffees are usually high grown at 1200-2000 metres above sea level and are therefore a more dense or harder bean. Varietals are usually a mix of Typica, Caturra and Bourbons.

In the cup, Columbians beans are a well balanced medium-bodied bitter-sweet coffee which is mild in flavour. The rich acidity adds a pleasant citrusy flavour with a sweetish but nice and clean aftertaste. One can usually detect some fruitiness, slight nutty taste with some dark chocolate.

Buy Columbia Excelso SHG EP from the Huila area now. Roasters reserve - coffee of distinction.

Columbian Coffee


Pride of a nation

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