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The East London

Coffee Company

Coffee consulting services - taking you from an idea to a successful business.

Opening up any new business is both exciting and challenging. To go from an idea through to full operation takes hard work, time and significant expertise in the field chosen. Add the required financial back-up, the support of accountants, architects landlords and other skills and you have quite a job ahead of you.  

Consulting services

Between our own staff and our team of associated professionals, we are here to assist you through the steps required to enable you to buy, prepare and to serve coffee and associated products to your discerning customers. Coffee is, aside from being an integral part of you business, and area which requires skill and knowledge.

Selecting the correct machinery, positioning this correctly, brewing and serving - we can save you money.

We don’t know everything but we do know a lot about the coffee business

If you do too, by all means, we will gladly supply you with a quote for equipment and leave this all to you. Here is a direct link to our online shop. If you need a little help however, and are quite serious about opening your business, we will gladly offer our assistance. If you end up buying or renting a machine from us anyway, we’ll not only refund your consulting fees but we will add 1/3 (33.3%) to what you pay us and credit your account with us. You have nothing to lose if your are serious about your start up and progress this as far as your opening day.  

We offer the following services, our packages start at R 750 and this entitles you to three hours of our time and effort. If you eventually buy or hire from us, we will credit your account with R 1000. Most of us pay architects, accountants, tax and investment specialists, decorators and chefs so why not pay the “coffee guys” - we too are experts and (unless of course you really do know your coffee) we will assist in the following as far as the coffee portion of your business goes:  

Property selection

A second ear on design and layout

Décor -colour - lighting

Coffee station positioning

Equipment selection

Barista training

Specific machine training

Sales and marketing

Menu selection


Customised blends

Single origin coffee

Your business is already up and running (existing) but you are considering new machinery, hire or buy and need a little guidance. There is no charge for this service.

Existing business enquiry

You are considering opening up a new business but need guidance as far as coffee goes. You are quite serious about this and prepared to commit to the process knowing that there is a charge if you do not see this through to opening day.

New business enquiry

You merely visiting the site and want to learn a little more on your own? Please select from the options below:

Choose between a traditional or automatic machine

Choose which traditional machine

Choose which automatic machine

Learn about being a barista

Learn how hiring works

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