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Caffè Americano

This popular coffee originated during the two world wars during which American troops, who often found the European espresso coffee a little to strong, requested a lighter but still flavourful coffee.  Caffè Americano is a watered down version of espresso, not dissimilar to drip or filter coffee but with a slightly stronger flavour. An Americano, also known as a Caffe Americano or a Cafe Americano is a type of coffee created by adding hot water to espresso. The Americano generally has a slightly sweeter taste and contains less caffeine than normal drip or filter coffee. Americano is commonly found on menus and remains a popular coffee drink throughout the world.

Decaff or decaffeinated coffee

Coffee made with specially decaffeinated beans which by law, have to have over 95% of the normal caffeine removed. The process itself and the benefits of decaffeinated coffee are however a debatable subjects. Normal coffee contains anti-oxidants which are essential to our well being and are good for us. These are removed during the decaffeinating process, the latter itself being a water based but chemically altering process where chemical solvents such as ethyl acetate and methylene are use a little like paint strippers.

Instant coffee

Instant coffee is derived from brewed coffee beans which are basically mixed (in some cases) with additives or extenders such as chicory, before being freeze dried. Despite the new trend and the popularity of freshly roasted and ground coffee, the typical supermarket shelf has an abundance of different brands and styles available on their shelves.

There is certainly a place for the instant variety. Instant coffee lives up to it’s name - a cup of coffee in an instant with no fuss or bother. Hey, it’s your call, if this is what you enjoy, go for it! Please do yourself a favour first, pop into your local coffee shop and ask for a latte or cappuccino, you can now make these at home! With our range of automatic coffee machines, this is just as easy.

Macchiato coffee

Espresso with a dash of foamed milk, usually served with a cocoa sprinkle. My favourite undoubtedly! Macchiato is the Italian word for “stain.”

Caffè Macchiato, sometimes referred to as espresso macchiato is usually a double shot of Espresso with a small amount, perhaps 0.5 or 1 cm deep of foamed milk placed on top of the espresso. the Espresso. A translation of the Italian macchiato means slightly marked or a small stain.  The milk could be cold, freddo, or caldo, hot.

What is an artisan coffee roaster?

As one might get an artisan baker; woodworker or chocolatierre, one gets and artisan coffee roaster. Someone who roasts his own coffee (as compared to a bulk-factory type operation) where every batch is looked after and roasted to  profile which suits each and every different bean. There are so many elements to a good coffee from a manufacturing viewpoint, for example, the right beans, how long or short the coffee sat on the burner, the cooling process, standing time and flavour analysis. Freshness, packaging and a multitude of variables all add up to make so-called ‘good coffee.’ To mass produce coffee in accordance with a general recipe is difficult, nigh impossible, and this where the artisan roaster comes in. In addition to making freshly roasted coffee available nearby, His role is to fine-tune the process, as an artist might do an oil-painting, to deliver a bean of exceptional quality, one that is almost guaranteed to produce a cup of coffee which meets the expectations of the most discerning.

Buy artisan roasted coffee and have this delivered to your door

Cafe au Lait or Cafe Latte


Filter Coffee


Cautionary announcement - Advisory

There are numerous ways of preparing coffee, too many to be covered here. We have tried to give some basic and very generalised descriptions of the more popular items on the typical coffee menu.

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