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East London

Coffee Company

At the East London Coffee Company, we unashamedly support local business wherever and whenever we can.

1. We believe that by doing business with other locally based business, the money stays inside South Africa firstly and perhaps one’s region secondly. As a coffee roaster, we source all our coffee from South African businesses so that we can all benefit from a growing economy.

2. Our coffee is roasted IN SOUTH AFRICA

3. We encourage all local businesses, coffee shops, restaurants and accommodation establishments to do the same. Why buy a product that is made in Italy, Belgium or China when you have an equal or better product on offer right here?

4. At the very least, give a local business a chance to quote or to submit their offer.

5. In our case, coffee is about taste and taste is about freshness. We roast our coffee to order. Our coffee is not shipped around the world for roasting or packaging, and it doesn’t sit in a ship or a warehouse. You are assured of receiving superior quality product with a few days of being roasted, now that is what you can call fresh!

6. Because transport costs are lower and because we do not pay salaries in foreign currencies, we are able to afford the highest quality beans. There are not cheap beans or as they are sometimes called “fillers” in our bags, we assure customers of the best quality, at affordable prices at all times.  

Support local business

East London, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

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