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JURA E6 Bean to cup coffee machine

The secret of exceptional coffee lies in the preparation. The Jura E range has 100 % perfected the espresso brewing process, allowing the E6 to make speciality coffees to professional barista standard. With eight different intensity levels, coffee lovers can customise their coffee just the way they like it. The Jura E6 is arguably the most technically advanced home and small office coffee machine. Ideal for those who like to make their favourite coffee quickly. The buttons for the espresso, coffee, cappuccino and milk foam functions are located for maximum convenience. The E6 can even prepare two espressi or coffees at the same time. Simple operation with thanks to the modern TFT colour display.

R 18975.00

Price incl. VAT

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Free: 4 kg Cutman & Hawk Signature Espresso beans valued at R 1000

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JURA E8 Bean to cup coffee machine

Add another 5 programmable coffee specialities (now 12 versus 7 of the E6) and the ability to use and recognize the type of pre-ground coffee and you have the advantages of the E8 over the E6. This is an ideal machine for the office or a small accommodation establishment. The easy to use one-button operation of both the E6 and E8 coffee machines are extremely user friendly.

R 22988.00

Price incl. VAT

Special online offer

Free: 4 kg Cutman & Hawk Signature Espresso beans valued at R 1000

JURA Cool Control milk coolers

Add convenience to your milk management systems with this custom designed milk cooler. The cooler sits alongside your JURA coffee machine and feeds milk through to the machine automatically. Not essential, but extremely handy perhaps. A milk jug will do the job (your JURA machine comes with the required pipes) but one does need to take care in ensuring that milk stays cool and fresh at all times. The cooler is recommended for accommodation establishments and the busy office environment.  Available in 0.6lt and 1lt sizes.

Giga 3c pictured left

Professional range

Special online only offer

Enjoy free shipping and 4 kg Cutman & Hawk Signature Espresso beans valued at R 1000 with all Jura range online orders.

High capacity Jura automatic coffee machines for use in demanding commercial environments such as large corporate offices; vehicle showrooms and where speed of service is a critical service factor. These machines, in addition to being stylishly designed are essentially two machines in one with dual systems. By example, they produce two cappuccinos simultaneously in under one minute and thirty seconds.

Massive bean storage, permanent water supply and direct draining  

Giga 3 not pictured

Massive bean storage, large size water tank and dreg drawer  


State of the art technology recommended for 40-120 cups per day

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During the checkout process, you will be asked to select from three shipping options:

1. East London and surrounds - No shipping costs.

2. Post Office: Suitable for SA smaller towns, or anywhere in SA. R 30 for item 1 and R 10 for each additional item thereafter to a maximum of R 50 irrespective of quantity.

3. Door-2-door for all major cities. A maximum fee of R 80, irrespective of quantity.

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Improve your customer offering and ascetic appeal by adding a milk cooler and a cup warmer to your Jura coffee station.

Jura Cup warmers

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Buy any Jura coffee machine from us online (only) 2020 and you will enjoy Free shipping throughout RSA PLUS 4 kg of free Cutman & Hawk coffee valued at approximately R 1200 delivered at no charge to your door!

Spoil yourself and your family with one of these world renowned Swiss made Jura coffee machines  and enjoy restaurant quality coffee at home.

“Life is too short to drink poor coffee, let EL Coffee & Jura help you to brew the good stuff!”

JURA Ena 8 Bean to cup coffee machine

The superlative new one-cup machine: small, simple, stunning – a must for all coffee lovers and connoisseurs. The ENA 8 impresses with speciality coffees that are freshly ground, not capsuled. And thanks to the variety it offers at the touch of a button, it is sure to delight even the most discerning palates.

R 19950

Price incl. VAT

Special online offer

Free: 2 kg Cutman & Hawk Signature Espresso beans valued at R 1000

Department: Automatic bean-to-cup coffee machines

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