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The East London

Coffee Company

The love of coffee attracts people from all walks of life and all corners of the globe. There are many experts, many who who pretend to be experts, lots of coffee-snobs and coffee-yobs. Along with these come stories, some based on truth, some exaggerated and some down right lies.

Myth #1

If coffee doesn’t have an Italian or European brand name, it’s not good coffee!

Fact: There are no coffee plantations in Europe.

Fact: If your coffee was roasted in Europe and shipped through/to the Eastern Cape, it’s probably a month old and has already lost much of it’s flavour.

Fact: You’re paying more so it must be better? Shipping green beans from Africa to Europe and back to the Eastern Cape is costing you money not adding to the flavour.

Fact: European roasters use the same process as everyone else does.

Myth #2

If coffee is packed and sealed properly it can last forever.

Fact: Coffee starts losing flavour within a day or two after roasting and is best consumed within three weeks of roasting. Good packaging might delay the time-lapse taste degradation but there is little one can do to match the special taste of freshly roasted beans.  

Myth #3

Coffee is bad for you!

Coffee. Like red wine and many other things, is good for you provided you consume it with moderation. A few brews per day are well within these boundaries. Freshly roasted coffee is 100% pure, contains no additives or preservatives and is rich in antioxidants.

Myth #4

Pod machines are the cheaper and better option than bean-to-cup machines!

Fact: A pod machine will probably set you back R 2000 versus a top of the range bean-to-cup at say R 10 000. Coffee from a pod will generally cost you five or six times as much per cup! The saving, at say 6 cups per day, will pay for the more advanced machine in less than a year and sane you thousands of Rand thereafter. The flavour of a freshly ground bean will surely beat the manufactured and stored variety?

Myth #6

Real coffee lovers only drink espresso!

Fact: Espresso was once the coffee of choice for connoisseurs. Fact: This is no longer the case, the market has grown considerably over the years and espresso is used as a base for many products but is not often the first choice as a stand-alone drink, particularly outside Europe.

Myth #7

I enjoy sugar and or milk in my coffee, I must be an outcast, a person with no style or taste!

Fact: Some of those coffee snobs out there might think so or say so. Fact: If you prefer it that way, go for it without fear or recrimination. Fact: Life is too short to live-to-please others when it comes to your drink of choice, it’s your coffee, do with it as you wish!

Myth #8

There is no place in the coffee world for a bean called robusta!

Fact: When a label claims 100% Arabica, it doesn’t claim to be 100% of ‘the best grade’ of Arabica, a profit orientated roaster (not us of course) might well fill the bag with poor and cheaper varietals. Fact: Many experts say that a blend can often be improved by having a small percentage of robusta and many commercial blends do!

Myth #9

Coffee lasts longer if it’s kept in the fridge!

Please don’t! A household fridge has a high moisture content and is full of competing odours. Fact: Coffee is best stored (once opened) in an airtight container.

Myth #10

Coffee keeps well

Fact: Ground coffee is best used immediately after grinding or at best soon after opening a sealed pack, It degrades very quickly. Fact: Beans hold their flavour far better and should be ground immediately before use.

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