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Cutman & Hawk Signature Blends

This is our most popular range. A premium quality blend of four selected arabica beans. Enjoyed by many of our most discerning online clients; coffee lovers and speciality coffee shops throughout South Africa.

Roasters Reserve Single Origin coffee


Espresso (dark roast) or Filter (medium roast) We call our darker roast “Espresso.” This we recommend for stove-top, pressurised systems, traditional restaurant style espresso machines and bean-to-cup machines. Our medium of “Filter” roast is recommended for drip filter machines; plungers, aeropress; chemex and pour over systems.

Cutman & Hawk Roasters Reserve

Our roasters reserve range takes our premium coffee to another level with the addition of two high grown superior Arabica’s. A little more expensive perhaps but, says our roaster… “this is the coffee I use for special occasions.”

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Grind size: If you order ground coffee, our “Filter ground” is a slightly courser grind than the espresso grind. The latter ideal fro pressurised brewing systems.

Customised requests: We are quite happy to customise your order. Place your order in the normal way and send us an email within 12 hours using the contact us page

Cutman & Hawk Signature Blend 1 kg = R320; 250g = R 98. Premium 100% Arabica coffee blend

Cutman & Hawk Espresso Beans

Cutman & Hawk Espresso Ground

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Cutman & Hawk Filter Beans

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Cutman & Hawk Filter Ground

Roasters Reserve Blend 1 kg = R367         250g = R102.  Superior 100% Arabica coffee blend

Roasters Reserve Espresso Beans

Roasters Reserve Espresso Ground

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Roasters Reserve Filter Beans

Roasters Reserve Filter Ground

Experience the unique flavours from geographic specific high grown premium coffees. These single origin coffees are personally selected by our roaster identifiable region; specific estates or micro-lot coffees. These are all roasted to a medium profile, dropped from the roaster according to the most suitable profile in order to ensure that customers enjoy the best bean flavours.

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Ethiopian: From the Yirgacheffe region known for superior high-grown coffee.

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Nicaragua: From the Rajuanse coffee estate, a speciality grade family reserve microlot. An exceptional coffee

Columbia: A selected coffee from the Huila region, often excelso (large/high grown) or when available, supremo. A bold coffee with typical regional flavours of choc-nut

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Roasters choice: East African S/O: This will be personally selected for you on receipt of your order by our roaster from one of either Uganda; Tanzania; Burundi or Malawi. Typically AA best quality.

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Premium speciality selection: Save with our new discounted combo offer

At any one time we have at least fifteen single origin coffees in stock. Allow our roaster to select four different coffees for you. This is a great option if you would like to have a little fun experiment with the different coffee flavours specific to different growing regions.

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Select from our two popular blends and a large selection of single origin coffee - door-to-door delivery

New: See our discounted single origin combo offer, scroll to the bottom of this page