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The East London

Coffee Company

At Cutman & Hawk coffee we offer our services to different sectors of the coffee industry. On the one hand we supply retailers; corporate offices and our online customers. In addition to this we have our wholesale division where we supply the service industry which includes:

Accommodation establishments from Guest Houses to large hotels and private game reserves. We also supply restaurants and coffee shops throughout South Africa. In addition to our superior coffee blends of 100% Arabica coffees, we offer our somewhat unique, coffee equipment rent-to-own system.  From as little as R 30 per day (correct as at 2020) you can rent a coffee machine from us on a monthly basis. If you continue this rental for a period up to 36 months,we give you the machine/it becomes your property!

Contact us today to enquire about our machine rental services.

Why would you consider changing to EL Coffee?

Here is a simple two minute test to help you

1. Is your coffee freshly roasted to reach you within a few days of roasting or does is hang around in large warehouses?


Cutman & Hawk coffee is roasted in East London and delivered daily.

2. Do you pay R 235 (Incl.) or less for your 1 kg beans?


Cutman & Hawk Signature blend is available to wholesale clients at discounted prices contact us today for exact information on our wholesale offers.

3. If you rent your equipment, will you ever actually own it?


Using our unique rent-to-own system, you will soon have full ownership of your valuable coffee equipment instead of paying a lifetime of rentals.

4. When your equipment breaks down are you offered a free stand-by machine?


We offer a free machine stand-by/loan system in the event of breakdown.

5. Are you sure that your coffee tastes “at least” as good as that served by your opposition?


After 100’s of blind tasting sessions, Cutman & Hawk coffee has passed every taste-test.

6. Does your current supplier support you on digital/social media platforms?


We support our customers on Twitter; Instagram and Facebook.

8. Do you deal directly with the Roaster himself, senior management?


At Cutman and Hawk you will receive regular communication from the owner himself and have a direct invitation to communicate

Contact us today for a no-obligation enquiry, what do you have to loose?