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East London

Coffee Company

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Contact the East London Coffee Company (Pty.) Ltd

Please be advised that we are a registered Proprietary Limited Company and have been since 2004. Our registration number is: 2004/000103/07 and our VAT registration number is: 46 202 129 04. Our registered auditors are OHS Financial Services in Berea; and our bankers, Standard Bank. All the rest we’d prefer to do via email for security reasons which we are sure that you will understand.

Coffee machine rental enquiries

We do need a little information in order to match you up with the most suitable machine options.

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Our factory is open daily from (at least) from 08h00-16h00 daily and we can be contacted during those hours on

043 732-1766.TELKOM are however incompetent and lines are often down in our area. If there is no answer please dial:

066 307 8739

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