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East London

Coffee Company

About the The East London Coffee Company

We roast coffee and distribute this throughout South Africa. We rent and sell traditional espresso, automatic coffee machines, coffee equipment accessories.

Like you I am sure, we are first and foremost lovers of coffee! Not just the beverage itself, but also of the culture or lifestyle that goes with the sharing of coffee with special friends in special places. Whether it’s your first espresso in the morning enjoyed in the company of your family, or a milder version before sleep, the drinking of coffee is usually accompanied by memorable moments with wonderful people.

One of the steps leading to the establishment of The East London Coffee Company was the need for us to serve coffee of the highest standard to our discerning guests at our Riverbend Guest House, located atop the river banks of East London’s famous Nahoon River. We select only the best-of-the-best, whether this is bacon, coffee or cold meat, this principle applies to everything we do. It is our view that instant coffee should be declared an illegal substance! Jokes aside, we all have our preferred beverage and this remains of course one’s own choice. Riverbend Guest House - accommodation in East London, the Eastern Cape Province

The coffee chain has three potentially vulnerable points

1. The time between roasting the beans and grinding them for use.

2. The time between grinding the beans and the brewing of the beverage itself.

3. The quality and standard.

After years of having nothing better available to us and tolerating stale coffee, we are now able to take our own freshly roasted beans and grind these a few seconds before use, right right here in East London, and, with the benefit of easy shipping, we can deliver these anywhere in South Africa.

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How did we learn  about coffee.

A silly answer might be “a combined tasting experience of over 100 years!” Whilst technically correct perhaps, the management team at the East London Coffee Company have also received extensive training in roasting beans; coffee-machines; coffee making techniques and best practice when it comes to all things surrounding the coffee industry. We are also learning more each day, we firmly believe that the learning process will never end. Advanced mechatronics and more efficient practices lift the bar and set new challenges on a daily basis. Says Alan Hawkins, founder of the East London Coffee Company, “We do not purport to be experts but we are indeed fortunate to enjoy the guidance and feedback from the many experts who are assisting us, from the selection of the worlds best beans through to roast profiling and expert blending.”

We are a team

Alan and Lynne Hawkins, with Stuart Galloway our Sales Manager, constitute the management team of the EL Coffee Company.

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East London Accommodation

Enjoy four-star executive accommodation at reasonable rates. Sea and river views.

Riverbend Guest House

Beacon Bay, East London

Eastern Cape