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Are you sometimes a little unsure whether you should be buying a medium, dark or very dark roast?

Our roaster explains: “I for one will avoid the very dark roasts where the bean is starting to turn black with a little charring and usually quite a shiny surface. At this point, almost all the actual bean flavour has left the bean and all you’re getting is the taste of the roast. I point blank refuse to roast to this level and fail to see the pint of selecting a superior bean and then charring this to a point when you can’t taste it. One can expect far more bitterness and a acrid, smoky flavour. Look out for labels names Italian Roast; French Roast or even a Continental Roast. It’s quite sad really, I doubt if any French and Italian barista’s will use coffee like this and yet the carry the name!

On the other end of the scale are the very light roasts which often have a high acidity and a grassy or wheaty flavour.

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What are single origin coffees anyway?  

Learn about single origin coffee

The world of coffee has almost gone a full circle, starting with basic home roasting hundreds of years ago, coffee lovers then flocked to coffee houses. After fighting the naysayers and the lawmakers, coffee lovers prevailed and the sought after beverage soon became one of the most traded commodities in the world, second only to oil.

The artisan roasters struggled. Faring poorly against the might of automated mass production and the dehydrated or freeze dried version of the beverage labelled ‘instant coffee.’

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Learn about coffee

Learn more about the history and  origins of coffee

What’s the big deal about the beans being freshly roasted?

 Freshly roasted coffee

Buy your freshly roasted coffee online now.

Tired of stale coffee which has been travelling around the world for weeks before sitting on a shelf?

Order fresh coffee online

Fresh coffee - SA

Coffee is a foodstuff and such, it is at it’s best when freshest. After roasting, the coffee bean is left to de-gas for twelve to twenty-four hours after which we ship the fresh product to your door. Whether you’re a coffee lover, a restaurateur, a graded Guest House or Hotel, why settle for anything but the best and freshest option available?

Latest news

We have launched our connoisseurs range of quite special coffees, aptly named Roasters Reserve. Within this range we have speciality blends and single origin coffees such as a Kenyan Blue Mountain, a new Burundian speciality microlot, a long-bean naturally processed Harrar and others. Scroll down our online shopping page to view what is available. Here


Automatic machines

Traditional Machines

There is nothing quite like the sound and the smell of freshly roasted coffee being dumped into the cooling tray after being roasted by the experienced team at EL Coffee.

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Barista skills

Learn a little more about the skills required of a barista

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Milk that is too hot or poorly frothed can ruin a good coffee.

Read about milk frothing

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Coffee machine rentals for office or shop

Serving good coffee has become the new norm in South Africa and is now expected in both the workplace and retail outlets. In addition to the typical restaurant or coffee shop application, the growing popularity of coffee makes it sought after in Hotels, B&B’s, show-rooms, staff rooms and offices. Businesses who serve good coffee immediately raise customer experiences, create a professional atmosphere and improve workplace productivity.

Coffee machines for sale or hire

Announcement: We now sell green coffee beans to customers for home roasting. Please contact us for more information.

    July 2018 Coffee Machine  for sale

Winter Warmers Special    

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