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We agree that a lot of the romance that surrounds the love of wine, coffee, bread and food in general has it’s origins in Europe. After all, who hasn’t enjoyed food from these historical destinations or dreamt about visiting there?

“Si prega posso avere un espresso?”

The enjoyment of coffee might have originated in Africa but it was the Europeans who grabbed it and claimed espresso, cappuccino and other brews as their own. So it’s this that makes us associate the Italians with good coffee. This is an association however and not the real story. The real story is that the Europeans buy their beans from the very same farms that everyone else does and they roast these in exactly the same manner as we do right here in East London.

Fact 1: Just because coffee has an exotic sounding Italian brand name, it does not mean that the taste is any better or worse than any other.

Fact 2: The taste of coffee is about freshness. Once a bean has travelled from Africa to Italy; been roasted and packed; shipped to a warehouse in Johannesburg perhaps, before being shipped to an individual store…how long will the process take? How much more expensive will it be? How fresh can the product really be?

Fact 3: No matter how good the packaging is, the taste of coffee deteriorates with age.

The romance of Italian and European coffee

What is an Italian Roast?

An Italian Roast generally refers to a very dark roasted coffee, beyond medium and dark, to a very dark brown and black in colour. The bean has been roasted well into, or beyond, the second crack which is a roasters term for a stage in the roasting process. It is a stage which makes artisan roasters shudder a little because this is where the flavour of the individual bean disappears and the taste of burned sugar takes over. If you try this coffee, expect the taste and aroma of smoke, an increase in bitterness and a carbon like flavour. To be frank, I have travelled throughout Italy and enjoyed coffee along the way. I don’t think I have every had an “Italian Roast” in any reputable bar or coffee shop.

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