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Coffee, espresso, automatic and filter coffee machines.

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To purchase the actual Jura automatic coffee machines please click here - scroll down for accessories. NB: If you are ordering water filters please ensure that you order the correct filter for your machine. Once opened, we are unable to credit returns on filters.

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The prime ingredient of any coffee is water. Sadly, many tap water supplies are sub-optimal; rain water can contain high particle levels and other contaminants; and bore-hole water should never be used in any machinery at all as this can cause lime scale build-up and effectively ruin an expensive coffee machine.

Jura offers the range of professional Claris filters which, when used with your Jura automatic coffee machine, will not only ensure that your coffee is of the best quality, the filters will also help to ensure that your Jura machine gives you years of good service.

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In addition to our own premium coffee range and the Jura range of automatic coffee machines, we offer our clients a range of accessories designed to enhance your coffee experience.

If you enjoy milk based drinks, please have a look at the range of coolers or mini-fridges. These are particularly handy in office applications; accommodation establishments and other high use venues. A cooler eliminates the need to take milk in-and-out of the fridge every time you need it. Remember that (1.) Warm milk does not froth well (b) Milk that is allowed to warm after opening…well, you know how bad that can be!

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Hot and cold milk frother

600 ml Cool Control

Milk system cleaner

2/3 of all breakdowns are due to customers not cleaning their milk system correctly.