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Jura cup warmers - keeping your coffee warm

You have purchased some good quality freshly roasted coffee beans and are busy preparing your preferred coffee brew. Irrespective of the equipment used, on stove top; a plunger or in one of the professional Jura automatic coffee machines, you do need to pour the coffee into a warm cup. This applies in summer as well as winter, as soon as you pour your coffee into a cold porcelain cup or mug, it will loose much of it’s warmth.

While we all know that very hot coffee is not the way to go, cold is as bad…solve this problem by either:

# Warming your cup in hot water by lying this in a basin of hot water.

# Place them on the warm surface atop your espresso or bean to cap machine if available.

#Consider one of the Jura cup-warmers. These are independent of the coffee machine and can be used in all applications.

Jura cup warmer -domestic

Warm up to eight (depending on size) cups to the ideal temperature. In pre-warmed cups, the mouthwatering aroma is released in its entirety. With the elegant and slim cup warmer, JURA offers the ideal accessory for any automatic speciality coffee machine. Two heating elements constantly keep the cups at a temperature of approximately 55°C – ideal for preparing a fiery espresso or a cappuccino topped with milk foam.

Jura cup warmer -professional

In addition to the glass and stainless steel cup warmer looking good, one can warm between 20 and 30 cups to the ideal temperature required to lock in the flavour and aroma of good coffee.

Your coffee should be neither too hot nor too cold.

There once was an old saying, “boil coffee and spoil coffee.” This is in fact quite true. The first point of call is that many baristas keep the steam wand in the milk for too long. This scalds the milk and leaved the coffee with a bad taste. Coffee grind can also scald and this increased the likelihood of increased bitterness.