We have selected four of the Jura coffee machines from their large range which we recommend. The number of cups that we refer to, does not ‘limit’ the number of cups that the machine is able to produce each day, it is rather to illustrate the point at which WE FEEL that a larger machine might be more appropriate. Why? Each machine has a water tank; dreg drawer and a bean hopper which needs filling from time to time, this requires human intervention and a machine with small storage vessels needs attention more often. Some machines also prepare brews faster than others. We will gladly match you up with what we feel is the most suitable machine.

Jura automatic coffee machine for the larger office, bed and breakfasts, guest houses and hotels.

We sell and hire or rent both Jura automatic coffee machines and traditional machines to approved clients. For more information about monthly hiring options please click here.

Guests, staff and clients have become increasingly used to better quality coffee. Jura machines can ensure that this happens with little fuss and at a reasonable cost.

 Anyone thinking of coffee today no longer only conjures up visions of espresso and café crème, but also of contemporary coffee specialities such as latte macchiato or cappuccino. This development also calls for a solution for small shops, offices and catering establishments. All demands are more than met by the Jura range on this page, all of which prepare at the very least, twelve different products – including the trend beverage latte macchiato – at the touch of a button.

Jura E range:

The Jura E8 and the WE8 are two of the latest offerings from Jura and are highly recommended by us for most applications from an average of 10 cups per day to as high as 80. This said, if demand is for short periods (eg: An interval or staff tea-time) where demand is shirt and deadly, consider the:

Jura Giga Range:

These are best described as having two machines built into one. It is their speed of production and storage capacity which makes the Giga range quiet amazing.

Jura E8

Jura WE8

Giga 5

Giga 3

Both these E range machines can produce 12 different coffee products at the push of just one button. The time to pour depends on the brew selected, but you can expect a little over 60 seconds for even the most complex selection. These machine are ideal for showrooms; corporate offices; schools; tuck shops; accommodation establishments and numerous other applications. Milk frothing is fully automatic and every aspect of your different coffees can be pre-programmed to your liking. The working parts of the two machines are identical, the key difference is that the water tank; bean hopper and dreg-drawer on the WE8 is larger than on the E8. The practical benefit of this is that in a high demand environment, one needs to attend to the WE8 less often than the E8. It is our considered opinion that  if your demand is steady and consistent throughout the day, aside from perhaps an early morning rush, and that you require the machine to serve 20-40 cups per day, the E8 would be sufficient for your needs. For 30-80 cups per day, the WE8 would be our recommendation and, if you exceed a requirement of 80 per day, you consider either to machines or you consider a machine in the Giga range alongside.  Please complete the form below to send us an enquiry.

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The Giga range by Jura do take automatic coffee machines to another level completely. Whilst the entire Jura range combine modern design and practical efficiency, the mere site of a Giga in or around your business is sure to create a professional impression with staff and clients alike.

The Giga 5 and the Giga 3 essentially contain the same speed-of-production attributes with the G5 having less storage ability (water; beans and dreg drawer than the G3. The G5 consists of only one model whereas the Giga 3 range includes the G3 and the G3-c, the latter is able to connect to permanent water supply and a disposal shute for dregs instead of the dreg drawer.

Traditional espresso machines

These are also an option and we offer a full range of semi-automatic and automatic machines. These generally also require a dedicated grinder and an attendant or barista. As compared to the Jura range where no trained staff are required.

Traditional espresso machines

Jura accessories

These include cup warmers; mini-fridges; milk frothers and service supplies such as water filters; descaling and cleaning tablets.

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