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The East London

Coffee Company

The history and origins of coffee

Read a little about the six-hundred year history of coffee. Learn how and where it was disinterred and a little about the coffee industry.

History of coffee

The popular types of coffee

Read a little about the differences between an espresso and a latte, expand your knowledge and learn to order the coffee which you want.

Coffee types

Our coffee products

Automatic coffee machines


Hire instead of buy

Did you know that coffee is the second largest traded commodity in the world, second only to oil? The economy of many of the worlds smallest nations and their farmers and local communities survive with thanks only to the popularity of this unique and special beverage!  

Drink cafe quality coffee in your office or at home

But the machines are so expensive I hear you say!

You would be quite right but let’s take the discussion a step further. If one wants a one-button machine which has to fit into a small space, we are essentially taking a barista, a water tank, a water filter, an espresso machine and a milk frother and squeezing this into a small box.

The modern machine is extremely complex, compact and capable. It has been designed by engineers and perfected over many years. The modern product is now robust, needs little to no attention and is smart enough to tell you when it does.

At the East London Coffee Company we are able to offer clients many hire or buy options. These start at under R 600 per month and offer a low cost, tax deductible option.

Coffee machine hire - East London

Buy coffee online - coffee for sale - coffee machine - South Africa

Coffee of the month club

Sign up and receive your own speciality coffee each month. Save money while you expand your coffee experience.

Coffee club.

Learn more about coffee

The more information you have about an interest or passion, the more exciting it will be and the more enjoyment you will have. We’re here to help.

Jura coffee machine

Gone are the days of merely ordering coffee!

“Would you prefer a flat-white sir, or possibly a macchiato?” I often compare coffee to wine, while the drink itself is obviously different, there are many similarities. Like wine, there are many varieties of coffee beans (or seeds to be exact); they originate from many different regions and climates; are prepared in different ways from picking through to drinking, the subject itself is endless.

The history and origins of coffee