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East London

Coffee Company

In addition to being an active, online coffee shop, where are we located?

Our factory, warehouse, office and training centre is located at units 20-22 Bowvest Industrial Park in Gonubie (East London), the Eastern Cape Province.

Please note that it is best to contact us first if you would like to arrange a visit. Why? We are all in and out all day and we need to make sure the most appropriate staff are available to meet with you. Our formal (guaranteed times) office hours are from 08h00-16h00 each day, Monday to Thursday and we close at 15h30 on a Friday. Call us on 043 - 732 1766 or contact us here.



How to contact or communicate with the East London Coffee team

Considering where you are right now, the simplest way is via this site. Completing the simple form on our contact us page will ensure that your communication is recorded and we will get back to you within a working day. This said, if you are interested in buying coffee, click on the hyperlink - the same applies if you want to learn about coffee machine hire or perhaps to buy your own coffee machine.   

Who are we - the East London Coffee team

Our factory team consists of our roaster and manager Alan Hawkins, Administrator Rene Van Zyl, and in the packing department Bongani Mpumza. Outside the office we have Jenize Bailing and Zetha Botha who take care of our sales. Alan Hawkins is our chief roaster and team leader.  We are a small tightly knit team, each if whom is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the coffee business for a while.  We are here to help and share our passion for all-things-coffee. Please send us a mail or consider joining our coffee club. Membership is free and there are no purchase obligations …merely a group of like minded people who enjoy this wonderful brew.

Legalities and administrative details

We are a registered Pty. Ltd. Company (2004). We are VAT registered and fulfil all PAYE; SARS; FICA and BBE (Level 4) requirements. We do not publish all of this for security reasons but have no hesitation in supplying this information on request.

Location: We moved and then moved again

If you’re interested in a little history, what is now our “Company” started off as a hobby. Our roastery was first located inside a garage in Beacon Bay. It wasn’t long until we out-grew this and moved to the ‘inside’ of a coffee shop. Whilst this sounded like a good idea and indeed was at first, our volumes grew to such an extent that we overpowered the coffee shop. In a coffee business, what one sees (the roaster) is merely the top of the iceberg with the bulk being behind the scenes. By way of explanation, we store up to ten different green beans at most times, these arrive from all over the coffee growing regions of the world. Considering these are in 60-70 kg jute coffee sacks, we need a considerable space for this. A coffee business also required the storage of cardboard boxes; empty coffee bags; labels; coffee machines; cups and lids and a whole lot more. Early in 2017 we secured dedicated factory premises in Gonubie, East London and we have now made this our home.

As one leaves Gonubie. Heading toward East London, travel through the first circle (near Reigers) and travel another +/- 800 m and you will see Bowvest Industrial Park on your left. Turn in and follow either road into the far end of the Park until you see our signs. If you get  lost, call us on  0663078739