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Why have different ranges? What are single origin coffees?

Scroll to the lower portion of this page for our single origin coffee If one was to draw an analogy with motor cars and compared our coffee with the Toyota range of motor vehicles, our C&H Signature Blends would be comparable to the quite exceptional Toyota Hilux. A pick-up in a class on it’s own, a superb off-roader with heaps of added extra’s to enhance the comfort of ride.

Then we have a more specialised range, Cutman & Hawk Roasters Reserve. Using our analogy, this might be described as the Toyota Landcruiser, a truly exceptional vehicle. In addition to a superior speciality blend, this is also where you will find our single origin coffees. Cast caution (and budget) to one side and put your faith in our roaster! In his own words:

 “Irrespective of which of our coffee’s you chose, I am going to supply you with coffee that is sourced from the highest regions, that is renowned for it’s unique taste and which is sure to offer you an exceptional experience. If it’s not an exceptional bean, I won’t put it underneath our this label!”

Roasters Reserve Blend: This blend is similar to the C&H Signature blend (above) except we adjust the ratios and add two additional beans. The difference is subtle but it is nevertheless there. Expect a coffee that will hold it’s own or exceed the standard of some of the worlds best blends. Think coffee like Blue Mountain; coffee from the famed Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia, or perhaps the awesome Tanzanian beans.

Cutman & Hawk Signature Blends 250 g or 1 kg

This is our most popular range. A premium quality blend of 100% premium, high grown, arabica beans. This superior blend is enjoyed by discerning coffee lovers, coffee shops and other users throughout South Africa.

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Cutman & Hawk Signature Blend 250 g R 77.00 (Incl.)

Price slashed = R 58.00 = save R 19 per bag

Cutman & Hawk Signature Blend 1 kg normally R 275.00 (incl.)

Price slashed = R 206 = save R 69 per bag.

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Roasters Reserve Single Origins 250g from R 98.00 (incl.)

Roasters Reserve Single Origins 1 kg from R 360.00 (incl.)

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Roasters Reserve Single origins: Note: We only roast these beans to a medium or City Roast. Thereby ensuring that you  will enjoy the full bean flavour rather than the roasting flavour. Coffee from each different region has individual characteristics and a unique taste which is often indiscernible in a blend or when beans are roasted too dark. Our range of single origin coffees allows you to enjoy this special experience.

If we were to over-roast these fine beans, the individual flavours and other individual characteristics peculiar to superior beans would be lost. This does not mean that the beans cannot be brewed in different ways, by all means, from a bean-to-cup; espresso machine or a simple plunger. We do recommend that (at first), these are tasted with little to no milk or other additives. This will enhance your experience and go a long way to helping you discover a world of new coffee.

We call our darker roast “Espresso.” This we recommend for stove-top, pressurised systems, traditional restaurant style espresso machines and bean-to-cup machines. Our medium of “Filter” roast  is recommended for drip filter machines; plungers, and pour over systems.

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Please select your product?

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Welcome to our roastery - we are proud to offer some of the finest artisanal coffee blends around.

This page is a once off promotional page which applies to Port Elizabeth coffee lovers ONLY. Customers wishing to place orders for delivery outside of Port Elizabeth should please redirect here: Order coffee, other areas.

Promotion dates Friday 28 Jan to Friday 4 February 2022 - Prices slashed by 25%

Coffee blending

We select four or more high-grown arabica coffees with complimentary characteristics so that when blended, they combine to form a well balanced coffee which meets the most exacting standards.

Proudly Eastern Cape

Our roaster, Alan Hawkins, was born in Port Elizabeth, and christened at St Georges Church. The family, students at Pearson, St Georges Preparatory, mother a teacher. Our coffee is roasted to order in East London and shipped freshly roasted to your door (flat fee R 90). We deliver to home or office.

From our roaster.. “As it was in the old days, and as it still is at Cutman & Hawk, not one bean leaves our premises without being personally roasted and inspected.