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Hello Friends, the price of green coffee, on average, has more than doubled since January 2021. Due entirely to cost base increases, we have no option but to increase our prices, this time by approximately 7.5 percent effective 1 May 2022.

Quality versus price - big decisions

Yes, it remains an option to buy-in cheaper, low quality beans and to use these as a replacement for our normal, high grown, premium grade beans used in our blends. We could also (like many commercial roasters do) include coffee’s ugly cousin, Robusta (Caffea Canephora), in our blends. This would certainly reduce our raw material costs but our unique and superior coffee flavours would be put at risk. We simply won’t do this.

 Why did green coffee prices increase?

Brazil supply over 40% of the worlds coffee. The next largest grower is Vietnam with a little over 10% of world volumes. Brazil, in addition to diseased trees, experienced severe frost and their production was virtually halved. With supply being reduced and demand for good coffee growing daily, the demand-pull price increase was inevitable. Now add the Russian war!

Equipment prices

These were already changed as the previous year progressed. The ZAR seems to have remained stable in recent weeks and we do not expect any major change early in 2022.

We are extremely grateful for your ongoing support and assure you of our best attention. We understand you! We feel positive that you feel the same about quality. If you have any price queries kindly contact us here:

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The below graph is illustrative (in US cents per pound of green beans) of what has happened. If we add the variable effect of the fluctuating ZAR, this paints quite a dismal picture.