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Freshly roasted coffee beans are our primary product. We have acquired access to the best green beans in the world. These are brought to East London by road after being sourced from the best coffee producing countries in the world.

These are artisan roasted under our own watchful eyes. We offer two ranges of coffee, our Cutman & Hawk signature Blends and the Roaster Reserve. The former are superior quality speciality blends and the latter are largely single origin coffees of a rare and exceptional quality for the connoisseur and hobbyist. Our coffees are produced from 100% premium quality arabica beans. We also produce a blend specifically for drip filter machines and these are both available (ground or beans) in 250 g and 1 kg foil/valve bags. If you’d like to be kept informed, please send along your email address via this form.

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We have finally found it! The perfect automatic coffee machine.

I have probably tried and tested over 100 coffee machines during the many years that I have enjoyed coffee. From my Dad’s manual Spong grinder to some of the best machines in the world.” Alan Hawkins.

There is certainly a huge amount of debate out there. Manual versus automatic, drip filters or French-press (bodums), stove top percolators, pods or freshly ground! One could go on but I won’t. Like most things in life, there is a balance out there somewhere, one which suits your own personal needs. Some of us (I am one) enjoy the procedure itself, selecting the coffee product, setting up my little Italian stove top peculator and watching it go through it’s procedure. Then again, this takes a while and when faced with an early morning rush, it’s quite handy to press a button on my Jura machine and let it do the work while I go about the morning duties.

The bottom line is, you want to get from your freshly roasted bean to the coffee of your choice in the most efficient and enjoyable way possible. This said, one then has to select the piece of equipment which best meets this objective. Price and quality must also be considered, looking good is one thing, but what about speed; breakdowns; water capacity? A small, cheaper machine carries less water, requires more maintenance; stores fewer beans and requires more operator time.

The Jura range offers machines for both home and commercial use. In addition to looking good, the designers have literally made the machine to suit you, all you have to do is to decide which one!

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