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Ok so why should you visit our shop? What do we sell aside from good coffee? Can you sit? Can you taste coffee?

This page is designed to answer all these questions. We fully realise that at this time of year you’re running around with shopping lists; panicking about what you can by for Auntie Suzie and Uncle Norman and you hardly have time for yourself. At our Cutman & Hawk coffee shop you can, in addition to enjoying one of the best coffee’s in town, buy almost anything to do with coffee:

Gifting - give someone special, something special for Christmas

Aeropress, plungers, filters and Bialetti stove top coffee makers -Jura automatic bean to cup machines - freshly roasted premium coffee blends - single origin coffees - hand grinders - electric grinders from small to large - frothing jugs - milk frother’s - cleaning tablets and machine accessories - tampers -head brushes - espresso cleaning powder - tamper mats - knock boxes - milk thermometers - Jura water filters - home water filter systems - branded mugs  - empty coffee sacks - double walled glasses - cold-brew coffee makers.

With sports cars you get Ferrari and then you get the others. With coffee machines you get Jura and then the others. Jura are world  renowned specialists in their field and we are appointed distributors for sales, service and accessories. Coffee is about the extraction of flavour from available disolvable solids, Jura’s PEP system does it better than the rest.   

Christmas special: Buy any Jura coffee machine between now and 24th December and enjoy two KG of Cutman & Hawk coffee valued at over R 400 with your new Jura machine.

Fully automatic bean-to-cup machines allow you to produce restaurant quality coffee at the push of a button, it really is that easy. Enhance your kitchen with style.

Italian coffee lovers took stove top coffee to another level. Inspired by Alfonso Bialetti who established his brand as long ago as 1933. Whether you are at home or on the go, the range of Bialetti stove top machines produce cup after cup of well extracted coffee. There is nothing quite like “enjoying the process” when using a moka pot, it’s a relaxing ritual enjoyed by many.

The more modern Aeropress coffee makers are light, portable and very handy indeed. These are a travellers choice in that the coffee maker is compact and easy to pack. All you need is a kettle and some coffee and you can produce a world class beverage wherever you are.

Not to be outdone, the ever popular plunger. This is probably the simplest way of brewing your favourite beverage. We stock a range of plungers from 300 ml up to 1000 ml.

Please don’t tell me you use a kitchen blade-grinder for your coffee? This doesn’t grind, it just pulverises the beans. From just a couple of hundred rand right up to R 24 000, we stock a range of grinders and will surely have one to suit your needs.

The correct grind size is a key step in producing the best tasting coffee.

Coffee is our business, we are the largest roastery in East London and able to offer our clients freshly roasted premium coffees.

Importantly, we want to assist you to prepare the best brew in your own kitchen. Please pop in for a visit, we’d love to get to know you.

…..Alan and the Cutman and Hawk coffee team.

So you’d rather buy online? We deliver in East London and anywhere in South Africa. Please move to our online shopping page by clicking here.

Important shopping hours Christmas 2019: 07h45 - 16h45 Monday to Friday except:

Closed at 12h30 20th December; closed 12h30 24th December; closed 25th Dec to 5th January.  Shop 12 The Hub; Bonza Bay Road; Beacon Bay 043 7321766