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Tanzanian Matwari - Grade AA - Screen 18

Purchased from the Tembo Coffee Company in Tanzania.

50 Producer groups located in the Tanzanian Highlands bordering on Kenya. Exporting 2.9 millions green lbs in 2015.

Country: Tanzania (Tembo Coffee); East Africa

Location/region or town: Mbeya region

Micro location/farm:  Mbozi, Mbeya Rural, Ileje, and Rungwe districts

Descrition/size/grade etc.: AA ; central pulpery and home pulped/washed; wet processed and sun dried

Arabica varietals: Bourbon; Kent

1200-2000 meters above sea level

In the cup    

Properly balanced acidity (mild to medium citric).     

Medium body; Sweet aroma; lingering aftertaste     

Right next to Kenya/expect robust coffee     


Sweet lemon; honey; creamy roast aroma     

Ripe fruit     

Buy Tanzania AA now. Roasters Reserve - coffee of distinction.

Tanzania - A natural wonderland - Tanzanian Coffee

Tanzanian coffee - General Information

Catholic missionaries were responsible (info: Tanzanian Coffee Board) for introducing coffee in 1898. Small farming families dominate the local industry which provides a living for some 2.5 million Tanzanians our of a population which now exceeds 40 million.

The high slopes of the world famous Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Meru is where most of the coffee is grown. Like many areas in equatorial Africa, coffee is mostly naturally grown and enjoys the shade under larger trees such as bananas.  Coffee usually shares the efforts of the farmer with other crops. In addition to the high-lying northern slopes, coffee is also grown  toward the South in the highlands of the Mbeya and Ruvuma regions.

Arabica makes up 70% of Tanzania’s total coffee production, the balance is made of of Caffea Canephora or Robusta which is grown around Lake Victoria toward the West of Tanzania.

Processing: Wet.

From TCB: “Tanzania opted for British nomenclature of grading which is done according to shape, size and density. These grades includes; AA, A, B, PB, C, E, F, AF, TT, UG and TEX

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