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The East London

Coffee Company

Technical Service Centre

Coffee equipment service and repair - Anywhere, Eastern Cape.

Your coffee machine is a valuable investment, chances are that the replacement cost far exceeds your initial investment. It makes sense therefore to service your machine annually and to do this at a professional service centre.

We have clients who have coffee machines that have produced in the vicinity of 50 000 preparations and some well past the twenty year old barrier. On the same basis as your vehicle requires looking after so does your coffee machine. Your coffee machine has many moving parts; this will depend on the machine, but this could include a grinder, brewing units, rubber washes and o-rings. These need to be cleaned and sometimes replaced. Coffee beans have what one calls flavour oils, these can build up over time and effect the taste of your coffee. Water contains lime scale and other harmful chemicals which build up in the pipes and fittings, these need to be cleaned out (a de-scale process) and your machine inspected for corrosion, water damage and other service related items.

Please take cognizance of our standard Terms and conditions.

1. A pre-paid assessment fee, equivalent to one hour standard labour charge must be paid when booking in the machine to initiate any work. This does not apply to customers with an approved credit facility.

2. All machines will be subject to a decontamination process in order to eliminate any contaminants that may be within the machine.

3. All machines are received, handled and stored by us but are stored at the customer’s own risk.

4. Machines must be supplied with all the necessary fittings to accurately diagnose and test the repair. Including but not restricted to power cords; filters and connecting pipes.

5. All machines left on site after 14 working days of the client receiving the quotation will incur a R 150 ex VAT per day storage fee until collected. Please note that if the quote is accepted within the 14 working days this fee does not apply.

6. Similarly, machines left on site for longer than 7 working days after the client has been notified of completion of the repairs, will incur a storage fee of R 150 ex VAT per day until collected.

7. All invoices must be paid in full before the client may take the machine off of the premises, this includes any additional storage fees that may have been incurred.

8. The Company does not accept any liability for or resulting from possible faults that may occur during the repair of the machine. Additional faults may become apparent when diagnosing or repairing as a result of the initial fault.

9. Machines that have been stripped or opened up prior to receipt will not be accepted by the Company.

10. We are appointed agents for certain machines and will only accept other makes at our discretion.

11. The actual work carried out by us is under warranty for 90 days. A basic service does not however include any form of extended warranty.

12. In the event of a manufactures warranty applying, this does not include any form of transport/delivery to and from our premises. In the event of us shipping any equipment to the manufacturer the costs applying thereto shall be invoiced to the client.