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The East London

Coffee Company


At EL Coffee we strive to serve our customers in the most efficient and economical way possible. We undertake to deliver top quality products and services; to maintain a customer orientated business and to enter into long term, mutually beneficial associations. So what does mutually beneficial mean?

In business, we all strive to achieve a reasonable return on our investments. Time and money … no one begrudges a business a profit, not yours or ours …we need our association to be mutually beneficial, a WIN: WIN  relationship where we both satisfy each others needs and one in which we act as partners in order to achieve our goals.

Products and service

This is pretty much covered elsewhere on this site and has been discussed with you in person by our sales staff. If you do have any queries please contact us and we will gladly assist.

On time delivery and shipping

We deliver anywhere in South Africa. We have customers as far afield as Barberton, Riebeek-Kasteel; Uniondale; Paternoster and many other towns in some of the remotest parts of South Africa. We literally deliver coffee somewhere, somehow, on every single working day.

Please help us to be efficient by ordering in advance to allow for at least two days for local deliveries; four days for Eastern Cape deliveries and one week for out of the Eastern Cape, YES, we will generally get the coffee to you before these lead times but why take a chance?

Credit terms and account management

In most cases we request payment with your order. In some cases we run fourteen day accounts where we expect payment within fourteen days of invoice and in a very few cases, with blue-chip corporate clients, we have agreed to payment within thirty days of statement.

It is within these terms that we have mutually agreed to do business with each other; it is on this basis that we set our prices and it is under this understanding that we supply you. Now that’s our side of the deal, we then ask our customers to honour their side by paying all amounts due on or before the agreed terms of trading. We are a small or medium sized business just like you and we simply cannot afford not to get paid.

Fair enough isn’t it?

Our returns policy

Once coffee has been roasted and shipped, it starts deteriorating, coffee is after all a foodstuff. We do not take returns except under exceptional circumstances where we, in error, have delivered an incorrect product and/or it is clearly evident that the product delivered has been faulty.

Legal fees

We sincerely hope that we never have to call in professional assistance in order to get paid for goods or services. In the unlikely event of this happening, a defaulting client will be required to pay for all and any legal fees. Once we hand you over (you would have received considerable warnings and requests by thus stage) we immediately raise a charge of R800 plus VAT. This will be identified as “Initial collection fee” or similar. If it turns out that the overdue amount is then settles and the legals fee is less than this amount, a credit will be passed.

Penalties and sundry charges

Before we start this process, a defaulting client will have received adequate warnings and numerous opportunities to pay. As soon as an account reaches the 60 day column on our age-analysis, we start charging 1.5% interest per month on the outstanding balance along with any other administrative fees (usually R600 per month) as detailed in your contract or credit application form. Your account will also be suspended; any rental machinery uplifted and you will be asked to pay forthwith to avoid legal action which will, of course, be for your account.

So let’s start working together. We assure you of our best attention and we ask that you, in turn, fulfil your side of the bargain. We want to be your “coffee partner” and work together with you, every step of the way!