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A movement toward whole foods and slow foods

We’ve all read about the danger of processed foods, of preservatives, confusing ingredients and camouflaged content. Read further and you’ll learn that many sports drinks are really just sugared water and that the cereal and fruit juice that you’re feeding your children every morning is of little nutritional value at all. I am not a dietician but I do know that I am in charge of what goes through my lips, I need to know and understand what it is. I also know that cereals are extracted, in other words a mixture is made, pulped and popped out into warm air and made to look like something healthy and natural.

The idea behind whole foods is that we should, where possible, buy whole foods and make our own meals at home rather than buying processed foods. Make your own soup, from whole ingredients, it simply must be better than the sum of ingredients listed on the back of a tin of soup or worse still, a packet. Slooooowwwwlly

The enjoyment of good wine, good coffee and good food usually takes place in the company of those you love, those who love you or those who love those who love you. So why rush it?

It’s a certainly that someone worked very hard to grow it; produce it; pack it; transport it and cook it. So here we sit, with someone special and all we’re asked to do is enjoy it. Oh boy! I will certainly make this last as long as I can!

Freshly ground coffee from whole coffee beans, have no additives and are 100% pure coffee!

Not all coffee is 100% pure, not all coffee is healthy!

When is coffee really coffee?

Here are some of the ingredients listed on the box of a popular instant cappuccino: hydrogenated vegetable fat; corn syrup; maltodextrin; potassium phosphate; sodium hexametaphosphate; sodium caseinate; sodium silico aluminate; salt; sodium citrate!


Personally, I like things that say 100%. I don’t really like substitutes. Orange juice must be orange juice, not some re-constituted liquid made from frozen pulp with added water and vitamins. If you’ve ever squeezed your own OJ from a real orange, you’ll know that if you leave this standing it settles and separates. I wonder what chemical they add which makes the box stuff stay un-separated for weeks?

Read the label of another popular brand of what we loosely term coffee and you’ll see that it does indeed contain coffee, but also chicory and glucose. I won’t argue that there is a demand for this, many of us were brought up on different types of coffee and many of us don’t have access to freshly ground coffee but, to be frank, I’d rather have a cup or two less coffee than compromise on the wonderful warm and rich flavour of a good cup of coffee made from freshly ground, freshly roasted beans.

Jura automtic coffee machine for sale south frica

“Coffee please, ground…

….not capsuled.”

       Roger Federer. For Jura.

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