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The enjoyment of coffee is a multi-facetted process. In our case it starts with the selection of the best green beans available. Once this is done, we undertake sample roasts and taste (or ‘cup’ as it is known in the coffee world) the different coffees in order to design our Signature Espresso and Filter Blends. Every bean has different characteristics, some are more full bodied than others – some have a stronger aroma and others a lively and pleasant aftertaste. We try to ensure that the combination is better than each stand-alone coffee.

Making a coffee-buying decision is essentially about two important things, price and taste. promise you.

Our Signature filter and espresso blends are our flagship product. We also now have single origin coffee available in our Roasters Reserve range. By way of explanation, as a roaster I am fortunate enough to be able to brew some special coffees exactly the way I like these. We have very recently launched Roasters Reserve which is the very same coffee that I prepare for our family and guests.

A growing passion and love for coffee

When I was as young as I can remember my father would take me into a famous Port Elizabeth coffee roastery called Masterton’s where he would select his coffee. It would be my chore in the evenings to go to the back door and grind beans for my parent’s after-dinner coffee using an old Spong grinder. Yes, I remember moaning and groaning but this was back in the day when children undertook many chores such as laying and clearing tables, doing the dishes and making the beds!

The Spong grinder, a cast iron black thing that loomed threateningly above my young head, was attached to the top half of an old stable door. Now this was fine for adults but I was a little small and I remember having to grind with the handle way above my head – this while the old stable door also seemed to have a life of it’s own. Between avoiding the edge of the door, the handle of the Spong and a shower of ground coffee when the small tin cup hovered precariously above my head, was no small feat I tell you.

As I grew, so did my passion for coffee. From the Italian stove top brew-pot used by my parents, a gift from grand-father Eric Grier who had just returned from a life in Italy, to the modern four-star guest house now owned by us where, not by coincidence, we are proud to serve some of the worlds best coffee.