Rancillio 5USB 2 Group Compact


Single-boiler espresso machine available in 2 groups compact (2GRC). This version features automatic dosing (USB), and Steady Brew (SB) technology. This version offers energy saving solutions such as insulated boiler and reduced power resistance.

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The compact is the perfect machine for a small coffee shop that does not do the volumes to justify a full size machine but that does need two groups for that big group of people that comes in at once. It can handle good volumes but will somewhat limited in handling high traffic volumes in short periods. (Large events, outlets with typical early morning rush hour).

If the traffic flow is a consistent flow without large peaks this machine will work very well.

The machine has a 5-liter boiler but runs a 3000W element(the same power as some full size machines) that allows it to cope with higher volumes without a problem.

The compact is now also available in the auto (USB) version.