Single origin and speciality coffee


We have selected a range of premium single origin and speciality coffees for you.


Single origin and speciality coffee 

Single origin and speciality coffees originate at the geographic origin described. Each region, or even each farm within any region, produces coffee with different characteristics. Expand your enjoyment of coffee by trying these single origin or speciality coffees individually. Perhaps compare these premium coffees and see if you can identify or get to know the flavor characteristics of the different growing areas. All our coffee’s are 100% Arabica, grown at high altitudes only, we selected from the high grade larger beans only.

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Burundi 250g, Burundi 1kg, Columbia 250g, Columbia 1kg, Ethiopia 250g, Ethiopia 1kg, Hondura 250g, Hondura 1kg, Brazil 250g, Brazil 1kg, Random selection 4 x 250g, Random selection 4 x 1kg