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Taking business ethics and fairness seriously

1. Directly and through our importers, we take care to support all those persons and businesses on the international food chain, seeking fairness in the way we all conduct our business.

2. Local in particular and South African businesses will always be our first choice as a business associate.

3. We encourage all local businesses, coffee shops, restaurants and accommodation establishments to do the same. Why buy a product that is made in Italy, Belgium or China when you have an equal or better product on offer right here?

4. At the very least, give a local business a chance to quote or to submit their offer.

5. We strive to undertake all elements of our business in a fair and equitable way.

6. We will supply our products and services at affordable prices. Efficient management structures and economies of scale allow us to do this without compromising our strict standards. We assure customers of the best quality at affordable prices at all times.  

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